The Barking Heads Story

The Barking Heads story starts in 2008. Paul, Dave and Jim all worked for an American pet food company and when said company was bought by the people who make Mars Bars, they (Paul, Dave and Jim) decided to seek pastures new and the entrepreneurial spirit took over.

‘What about the three of us starting a business making and selling a range of ultra-premium, all-natural and healthy food for dogs and cats’ they said.

‘A brilliant idea’ they said (they can’t remember if they said it in unison, but it would be cool if they did).

‘We could source all the ingredients here in the UK, give the products slightly left-field names and package them up in colourful bags’ they said.

And that’s precisely what they did. And they do it extremely well.

They all love dogs and cats and they all care about what they eat. They researched the market, spoke to people in the industry as well as friends and family and Barking and Meowing Heads was born.

The Barking Heads Timeline

The 1980s – Jim and Dave were working in the pet food industry.

The 1990s – Jim and Dave were still working in the pet food industry and Paul had bought a kennels business.

2003 – In a hotel in Norwich, Jim and Dave interviewed Paul for a job at the abovementioned pet food company they were working for. Paul took some giant cookies for them as a way to sweeten the deal.

2003 – It worked. Paul joined the company.

2007 – The people who make Mars Bars bought the company Paul, Dave and Jim were working for and the abovementioned conversation took place.

2008 – Paul, Dave and Jim started Pet Food UK, the company responsible for the Barking Heads and Meowing Heads brands. The first products to be launched were ‘Bad Hair Day’, Tender Loving Care’, ‘Fusspot’ and ‘Hey Good Looking’ for dogs and ‘Purr-Nickety’ for cats.

2009 – Three new products were launched – ‘Puppy Days’, ‘Golden Years’ and ‘Fat Dog Slim’

2010 – Even more products hit the shelves – ‘Big Foot Bad Hair Day’, ‘Big Foot Tender Loving Care’, ‘Little Big Foot’, ‘Kitten’s Delight’ and ‘Smitten Kitten’.

2013 – The business is doing well and the guys are forging quite a reputation in the industry and this prompted the development and manufacture of Grain-Free’ products to be unleashed into the market – ‘Turkey Delight’, ‘Fish-n-Delish’, ‘Quackers’, the Tiny Paws range and the delicious little treats Bailey Bites.

2014 and beyond – The future’s bright. The future’s Barking & Meowing Heads. Look out for a range of delicious and nutritious ‘ultra-premium’ wet food full of British-sourced ingredients which will have equally left-field names and equally colourful packaging.