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The Barking & Meowing Heads Family


Birthday 15th July

Bailey is the original Barking Head! He’s a proper cheeky chappy but everyone loves him!

My favourite food is… Bad Hair Day. I love lamb and I have a shiny coat, alert eyes and a waggy tail! I don’t think it can actually make you more handsome, but I certainly feel more handsome!

What one thing would you improve about the world we live in? I would put an immediate stop to puppy farming, which is the mass commercial production of puppies, purely for profit and with no care or welfare for the dogs.


Birthday 25th December

Brambles is a super-cute, playful pup who is inquisitive and friendly with a ton of energy!

My favourite food is…Puppy Days. It gives me everything I need as a growing pup because did you know, we grow 20 times faster than adult dogs!

Whatone thing wouldyouimproveabouttheworldwe live in? I would bring in two new laws – the first one would make it compulsory for owners to buy separate birthday and Christmas presents for everyone with a birthday on Christmas Day like me and the second one would be to fine everyone who doesn’t pick up their dog’s poo about a bazillion pounds!


Birthday 9th October

Gramps is the elder statesman of the family. He is reliable and wise, good-natured and tolerant. Especially of the younger ones!

My favourite food is…Golden Years. My joints feel great, the chicken and trout are delicious and it’s gentle on my digestive system.

Whatone thing wouldyouimproveabouttheworldwe live in?Ohdon’tget me started! There are loads of things I’d improve but the main one would be to try and get moreandmoreolderpeopleto own dogs. Us dogs are a friendly bunch and we encourage socialising and getting out there!


Birthday 17th May

Big Foot is a big dog with strength, power and pride. She’s fiercely protective of the group but inside, she’s as playful and as warm and cuddly as a kitten!

My favourite food is…Big Foot Chicken. It takes care of all my needs and is 45% chicken, my favourite food! It helps to keep my cholesterol low and it’s full of protein.

Whatone thing wouldyouimproveabouttheworldwe live in? I would make sure that anyone who iscaughtdogfightingparticipatesin human fighting, see how they like it. Then put them in prison.


Birthday 30th August

Phoebe is a somewhat superior feline who graciously accepts the existence of the somewhat inferior dogs.

My favourite food is…Purr-Nickety. Firstly because I am, and secondly because it’s 70% salmon, fish and chicken and it makes my coat shine like the world’s biggest diamond.

What one thing would you improve about the world we live in? I would ban the use of the term ‘cat lady’. We certainly don’t operate at the behest of humankind, we have our own agenda (and all will be revealed in good time). Also, those people who hoard cats without enough food, water, shelter or care should be banned from ever keeping cats again.


Birthday 19th April

Gran is the loving motherly figure of the family. She’s a knowledgeable and wise old soul with a passion for delicious and nutritious food for pets!

My favourite food is… Senior Moments. Because it’s been specially formulated for cats 7 years and over. With lots of yummy salmon, fish and egg this food really puts a spring back into my pounce!

What one thing would you improve about the world we live in? In in a purr-fect world I would make sure that every cat has access to healthy and nutritionally positive food, to live a long and healthy life- just like me!


  1. "Bad Hair Day"
    "Bad Hair Day" (Lamb Adult)
  2. "Drumstix!"
    "Drumstix!" (chicken Adult Cat)
  3. "Fat Dog Slim"
    "Fat Dog Slim" (Adult Light with Rice and Chicken)
  4. "Fusspot"
    "Fusspot" (SALMON & POTATO ADULT)
  5. "Golden Years"
    "Golden Years" (Senior)